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Prof. Trapp's research areas include placement optimization in refugee resettlement, human trafficking, and foster care. Given the recent events on the United States southern border and across the world he can provide insight into the following:

  • Refugee resettlement in the United States
  • Differentiating asylum seekers and refugees
  • Allocating aid to refugees
  • Migration flows

More details: Decision-making is becoming increasingly complex as data expands and resources decrease. Trapp's research centers on using prescriptive (integer optimization) and predictive (machine learning) analytics, together with algorithms, to effectively allocate scarce resources. The work employs mathematical modeling and the development of methods and tools to benefit vulnerable and marginalized individuals, groups, and populations. The convergence of novel analytical technologies and open-source software can create solutions that improve quality of life, increase fairness, restore dignity, and make significant societal impact. 

WPI Researcher to Develop Analytical Tool for Asylum Cases

NPR Hartford reported on Andrew Trapp, associate professor of operations and industrial engineering, developing analytical tools to estimate capacities for holding sites, judges, and other resources needed to humanely process migrant asylum cases at the U.S. southern border. 

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