Academic & Corporate Engagement

The Academic and Corporate Engagement Group aims to develop, foster, and manage strategic relationships with industry in a comprehensive manner and across academic disciplines, delivering long-term, measurable outcomes that result in mutual economic value.

Reporting to the Provost within Academic Affairs, the group includes Corporate Partnership Account Executives, Program Developers, and the Biomanufacturing Education and Training Center.

WPI lends its expertise in the power industry to the state

As he participates in a newly formed state steering committee that will help develop a plan to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions in the years ahead, Michael Ahern spoke of the personal stake he shares in such an endeavor and the history of environmental action that tells him it can be done.

Other members of the team bring industry expertise, such as:


Dr. Edvina Uzunovic being the VP for Education in the IEEE Power & Energy Society | Learn more about Edvina Uzunovic





Dr. Don Gelosh being on the Board of the International Council on System Engineering (INCOSE) | Learn more about Don Gelosh