Financial Aid Information

Specific information about obtaining financial aid is available through the Office of Financial Aid.

Anticipated Aid/Financial Aid

Financial aid will appear as anticipated aid on your student account and will be listed as 'Total Anticipated Payments' on any generated statement from within your Workday student account. Please note that updates or changes to your account, particularly regarding aid, may experience occasional delays. Therefore, it is recommended to check the student portal for the most up-to-date information on your current award package.

When financial aid is listed on your student account as anticipated aid, it will only be disbursed to your account upon the completion of the necessary WPI award documents. However, if the requirements are not fulfilled, the financial aid may be canceled, and you will be held responsible for any outstanding balance, which will be due immediately. Additionally, an account hold and/or late fee may be imposed.

All awarded aid is applied directly to your student account and is allocated towards the applicable charges. A refund will not be issued until all aid has disbursed to your account and a credit balance is available. If you have both financial aid and a Nelnet Payment Plan, no refunds will be issued unless all payments from Nelnet have been received and your account reflects a credit balance.

Title IV Authorization

Title IV funds refer to federal student aid funds, including Federal Direct Student Loans and Pell Grants, which are provided through federal student aid programs managed by the U.S. Department of Education. According to regulations set by the U.S. Department of Education, schools are only permitted to utilize your Federal Student Aid to cover current academic year institutional charges, unless you have granted explicit permission to allocate these funds towards non-institutional charges.

During the process of requesting an addition to your student account for a charge, you may be asked to provide authorization for the use of your Federal Student Aid. Similarly, if you incur a non-institutional charge like a late fee, you might receive a request for authorization via email, seeking your consent for applying your federal student aid towards such charges.

Rescind Federal Authorization


To comply with the requirements of the Student Financial Agreement and Federal Title IV Authorization, please send an email to containing your student ID, first name, last name, and written communication expressing your intent to rescind the aforementioned agreement. The agreement will be considered effective upon submission to the Bursar's Office.

Outside Awards/Funding

For students who receive scholarship awards from external sources, it is permissible to deduct only the amounts of the awards that have been directly paid to WPI during the current semester. Once the funds are received from the grantor, appropriate credit will be applied. Detailed information and instructions regarding outside scholarships can be found on our "Outside Scholarship" page.

If you are utilizing funding through Veterans Affairs, an estimated amount expected to be received will be provided. Any remaining payment due, after subtracting this estimated amount, must be made by the specified semester due date. Additional details can be found in our "Student Policies" section as well as on the "Registrar's Office Veterans" page.

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