About Residential Services at WPI

The Office of Residential Services provides students with a healthy and functional living environment that supports the educational mission of the university. We promote personal growth and development in a diverse residential community, consisting of almost 2000 students in 8 residence halls, 2 apartment complexes, and 4 residential houses. We also house over 100 graduate students in houses, apartments, and Salisbury Estates.  In addition, we offer support services to students seeking off-campus housing in the area, and support services to parents, many of whom are sending a son or daughter off to a college campus for the first time.

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Office of Residential Services at WPI is to provide on-campus residential facilities that are safe, attractive, and well-maintained by working in partnership with other offices. Recognizing that student learning takes place in the living environment, the Residential Services staff enhances and enriches a student’s residential experience by providing services and opportunities for personal and intellectual growth, and by creating a community that fosters an appreciation of diversity.