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When you or someone you know has been assaulted and wants to file a report, there are several options available. WPI can assist with this process.

If you are having an EMERGENCY: call Campus Police at 508-831-5555, or 5555 from a campus phone, or use a blue light phone on campus; call 911 if off campus.

Non-Emergency: call 508-831-5433

How to Make a Report

WPI prohibits and will not tolerate unlawful discrimination or harassment based on actual or perceived sex, gender, or sexual orientation. Individuals who have experienced discrimination are encouraged to report the violation promptly. 

Reporting to Law Enforcement

WPI strongly encourages anyone who has information about a violation of this policy that may also be a crime to report it to law enforcement.

The WPI Police Department operates on campus 24 hours a day/7 days a week, all year round. These sworn law enforcement professionals can take a report of any crime that occurs on campus. The WPI Police Department works closely with the Worcester Police Department, as well as other local agencies. WPI Police receive regular, ongoing training regarding taking reports of sexual assault, stalking, or intimate partner violence. WPI Police may initiate a criminal investigation based on reports made, and can also assist with obtaining a protective order through the court.

WPI will honor any court-issued protective order. More information about types of protective orders is available through the Massachusetts court system. 

This option of reporting is not exclusive; person experiencing a violation of this policy that is also a crime may file a formal Title IX complaint with WPI in addition to reporting to the police.

Formal Reporting to WPI

Formal complaints alleging violations of this policy may be made by students, employees, and visitors. Complaints may be filed in person and/or in writing with the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator.

Employees may also make reports to their supervisor(s), consistent with this policy. Reports of misconduct by the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy should be made to Vice President, Talent and Chief Diversity Officer Michelle Jones-Johnson.

WPI may be limited in pursuing and/or resolving complaints involving students or employees no longer attending or employed by WPI. In addition to its responsibilities under Title IX, WPI may have an obligation under state law to report instances of sexual abuse or exploitation of a person under the age of 18 to local police or the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. WPI may report to the police instances of sexual activity with a minor that that would constitute a crime under Massachusetts law. Otherwise, cases are reported to the police only if the individual requests it or if there is an imminent health or safety risk.

Upon receipt of a complaint, WPI will meet with the individual filing the complaint and review their options. If the matter proceeds to a formal investigation, it will be conducted by someone with annual training in the area of Title IX and/or civil rights investigations.

More information about the general process can be found in Options for Reporting Title IX Violations (PDF)

Anonymous Reporting

Anyone wishing to make a report of a violation of this policy, including sexual assault, may do so anonymously. WPI’s ability to address anonymous reports is necessarily limited.