Charter of the Corporation

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-five
An Act
to incorporate the
Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science

BE IT ENACTED by the senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Section I

George F. Hoar, Seth Sweetser, their associates and successors, are hereby made a body corporate, by the name of the Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining in the city of Worcester, an institution to aid in the advancement, development and practical application of science, in connection with arts, agriculture, manufactures, mercantile business and such other kindred branches of practical education as said corporation shall determine; with all the powers and privileges, and subject to all the duties and liabilities set forth in all laws which now are or may hereafter be in force, and applicable to such corporations. The mayor of the city of Worcester, for the time being, shall ex officio, be a member of said corporation, and one member shall be appointed by the board of education, from time to time, as a vacancy may occur, and said corporation shall not consist of more than twelve members at any one time.

Section II

Said corporation shall have authority to accept and hold in fee simple, or any less estate any real or personal estate to an amount not exceeding four hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be devoted exclusively to the purposes aforesaid and in conformity with conditions made by any donor, not inconsistent with this act, expressed by him in writing, and recorded in the records of said institution.

Section III

Said corporation may establish separate departments of scientific instruction and pursuit whenever it can be done without interfering with the unity of purpose of said institution or the government and management of the same, may designate and distinguish such departments by specific names, and accept any monies for the special advancement of said departments, provided that no moneys shall be applied to any use or purpose, not embraced within the general design of said instruction as expressed in the act.


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