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Scholarly Work

Microscale Experiments at Elevated Temperatures Evaluated with Digital Image Correlation
A multiscale model of rate dependence of nanocrystalline thin films
K. Jonnalagadda, N. Karanjgaokar, I. Chasiotis, J. Chee, D. Peroulis, “Strain rate sensitivity of nanocrystalline Au films at room temperature”, Acta Materialia. 58, pp. 4674 (2010).
L. Sun, N. Karanjgaokar, K. Sun, I. Chasiotis, W.C. Carter, S. Dillon, “High-strength all-solid lithium ion electrodes based on Li4Ti5O12”, Journal of Power Sources 196, pp. 6507 (2011).
N. Karanjgaokar, C. Oh, I. Chasiotis, “Inelastic deformation of nanocrystalline Au thin films as a function of temperature and strain rate”, Acta Materialia 60, pp. 5352 (2012).
Worcester Business Journal
Is Worcester a startup city?

In this article, the Worcester Business Journal referred to research by Nikhil Karanjgaokar, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, as an “example of local cutting-edge technology” that could conceivably become a venture-backed startup based on technology developed in Worcester.

WBUR 90.9
WPI Researcher Working to Make Police, Soldiers Safer

WBUR interviewed Nikhil Karanjgaokar, assistant professor of aerospace engineering, who’s aiming to create a bulletproof vest in which the materials inside the vest could instantly change properties, providing greater shock protection at the exact point of impact. “You just feel safe knowing that know matter what sort of impact comes your way you’re protected,” he said.