Nancy, France Project Center

France Nancy
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C-Term during winter
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Location and Culture:

Nancy is a medieval city of about 350,000, located in the heart of the beautiful Lorraine region. The city is well connected by train to Paris, Frankfurt, and Brussels (each about 200 miles), and Luxemburg (75 miles). With the newly launched TGV Est service, travel from Paris to Nancy is reduced to 90 minutes and the trains are frequent and comfortable. The “vielle ville” (old city) region of Nancy is known for its small streets, beautiful mansions, museums, and historic walks. There is a large student population and Nancy offers plenty of sports, concerts, movies, shopping, and eating places that are of interest to students.

Past Projects:

Past students at the Nancy, France project center have studied:

  • The effect of antibiotics on biogas generation from animal wastes
  • The degradation of toilet papers in wastewater treatment
  • The degradation of fuel cell membranes