Allison P.

Junior, BS in Biomedical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

For junior double major Allison, the best thing about WPI is the amount of collaborative work. Beyond the group-based projects that are a cornerstone of the WPI experience, she sees everyone working together all the time and for almost every class. This team-based atmosphere leads to a less competitive and less stressful environment that she really enjoys.

This mentality has also exposed her to what working as an engineer will really be like after graduation. Allison knows that no engineer works alone in industry, and through these experiences she has worked with different people on teams with varying dynamics. The greatest impact these projects have made on her is the understanding of how to play multiple roles within a team, which means she feels prepared for entering “the real world” after graduation. She hopes to work for a biomedical engineering company doing research and development in either implant design or tissue engineering so she can follow her passion for helping others by designing devices that will alleviate distress and pain.

Allison Paquin

North Attleboro, MA

Faculty Mentor

Constance Clark, Associate Professor, Humanities & Arts

  • Being a member of three different national honor societies at WPI; these memberships are recognition of Allison’s hard work.
  • Becoming president of Robokids – it’s a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding to make an impact on the kids and give back to the community.


  • Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Eta Mu Beta, and Pi Tau Sigma engineering national honors societies
  • Women's Ultimate Frisbee
  • President of Robokids
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Reading, biking, and softball

My day typically starts with Cell and Molecular Bioengineering, where we’re discuss current gene therapy techniques for the treatment of various diseases.


There’s a really good chance that if I’m not in class or at a club meeting, I’m at the library working. My friends call it my second home!


Time for Solid Biomechanics Applications Lab, where we are currently working with a group of students from Saint Louis University to determine if decellularizing organs causes a mechanical disadvantage.


Students from Worcester Friendly House arrive for Robokids. Our activities are always STEM-related, such as building popsicle stick bridges or programming Mindstorm Lego robots.


Ultimate Frisbee practice is how I finish out my day! It’s one of my favorite stress-relieving and relaxing activities.

Professor Clark has always believed in my ability to succeed at anything that I do. She has supported all of the decisions I have made and has really been the one professor on campus that I go to talk to about anything.
WPI graduates are much more experienced than other college grads when it comes to working in a team of diverse individuals, which suits us well for transitioning to industry.
I have found that WPI professors are very friendly. I’ve really started discovering the benefit of faculty office hours, and the collaborative environment at WPI makes it easy to seek help when you need it.
Remember, you go to school to get a degree first, but also to have fun and meet a lot of new people. Join clubs that really fulfill your passion and don't let the time commitment of classes stop you from getting involved.