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Giselle V.

Junior, BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Minor in Environmental Sustainability and Studies

For Giselle, WPI was a revelation. “As STEM women, we’re in our element here,” she says. “Not only are women a huge presence on campus, WPI hosts a seminar series that brings in successful women from STEM fields to network and talk about career-launching skills.” Giselle views her recent Interactive Qualifying Project(IQP) as career-boosting, too. “We were helping the World Wildlife Fund develop strategies to minimize the impact that ferries and fishing boats have on the white dolphin habitat in Hong Kong harbor. This hands-on, real-world experience gives us a clear edge in industry and research.”

Giselle Verbera

San Jose, CA

Faculty Mentor

Alexander Emanuel, Professor, ECE

  • Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (President)
  • Council of Professional Societies
  • Connections Multicultural Ambassador
  • Alden Voices Women’s Choir (Alumni Relations chair)
  • renewable energy
9 am

Power Electronics lecture—right up my alley. All about power transformers and how to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.

12 pm

Working in the Admissions office for the Engineering Ambassadors program. Great way to help local school kids get excited about STEM careers.


 Comparing various urban planning approaches in Planning for Sustainable Communities class. Amazing what goes into building a city.


Society of Women Engineers (SWE) networking dinner. Excellent tips on how to connect with a mentor plus great companies on hand—Pratt & Whitney, EMC, General Dynamics, and more.

Given my passion for solar energy, I was psyched to learn that I could combine electrical and computer engineering with environmental studies at WPI.
At WPI, I have been able to step outside my comfort zone and challenge myself.
No matter what your interests are, you’ll discover a WPI class or club or group of people who share those same interests.
Trust me, you really can’t imagine how great the opportunities are here at WPI until you start your classes and projects.