Marc D.

MBA, Business Administration

Because of his time in WPI’s MBA program, Marc has become a "T-shaped person,” as a few of his professors have called it. While he is an established software engineer (he’s currently a Mobile Client Developer at Swirl Networks), he also feels confident that he can lead others in and out of his organization, tackling the more artful skills of business and management. With these newly obtained talents, Marc feels completely capable of achieving his lifelong goal of starting a software company.

When he graduates from the MBA program, he’ll walk away with a few powerful lessons from his faculty mentors: Mark Rice convinced him that entrepreneurship is within his reach; and Steve Taylor taught him that great leaders inspire those around them.

Marc Dinio portrait

Farmington, CT

Faculty Mentor
  • Mark Rice, Professor, Foisie School of Business
  • Steve Taylor, Associate Professor of Management
  • Bill Krein, Affiliate Professor, School of Business and Director, Project Centers
  • Preparing to pitch a business plan to WPI and a panel of venture capitalists for his capstone experience
  • Juggling the WPI workload, working 55+ hours a week, and balancing a full, healthy life
  • Alpha Chi Rho fraternity as a WPI undergraduate
  • Class Representative for Cohort 4
  • Anything outdoors! Running, skiing, and hiking
  • Exploring the Boston arts scene
8:00 am

I usually work about 9-10 hours a day as a Mobile Client Developer at Swirl Networks.

8:00 pm

When the workday ends, I stay at the office to save time and get some reading done or take calls with my group.

9:30 pm

Once I’m home for the day, I take about an hour or so to unwind before heading to bed and starting again the next day. I get the bulk of my assignments done on the weekends, as well as working in some time with friends and for exercise.

I have found that burying my nose in textbooks and acing tests will only get me so far. I make the strongest conceptual connections when I put rubber to the road and apply that knowledge, just like WPI intends.
As I work fulltime in a software company, I have found many opportunities to leverage what I have learned to convey a point or sell an idea. The knowledge I am learning has made me more valuable to my employers, and I haven't even graduated yet!
About 15 years ago, I drove from central Connecticut to WPI for my first on-campus visit, and it has felt like home ever since; I knew I had found my people.
The people at WPI are fiercely intelligent, expect nothing but the best from themselves, and made me feel comfortable right from the start. I can say they have helped me to become the person I am today.