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Rebecca M.

MS, Robotics Engineering (Online)

When Rebecca discovered the online Robotics Engineering program at WPI, she was so excited to have found exactly what she wanted. Several faculty and staff at WPI have been a huge help in her academic journey: Diane Poirier from WPI Online was a constant friendly resource throughout admissions and beyond, and Professor John Goulet taught her Calculus Review course that helped her regain some long-lost (but very necessary) math skills.

Once enrolled, Rebecca found that the project-based curriculum is a great way to put the lessons from the classroom into practice in the real world. Completing her degree online and at a distance from her teams has been easily manageable thanks to helpful professors and fellow students, as well as various online resources that facilitate communication and collaboration.

After graduation, Rebecca hope to redirect her career into a robotics engineering role, potentially focusing on something that helps the disabled.


Berea, KY

Faculty Mentor

Diane Poirier, WPI Online

John Goulet, Teaching Professor, Mathematical Sciences and Director, Teacher Preparation Program

  • Having been out of school for a long time prior to starting the RBE program, Rebecca had to remember old material and learn new material at the same time
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Playing racquetball
I especially appreciate the flexible nature of studying in an online program.
For potential WPI students, I would remind them that you only get out what you put in. Be prepared to work. You can only gain by practicing.
When I started the program, I was worried that I would not like taking classes online, but I have found that I really enjoy it! I can watch and revisit the lectures as my time permits, and the professors are very responsive to questions.
WPI’s professors are friendly and approachable; they seem genuinely interested in teaching.