Now that you have been accepted to a school located in a country different from your own, how ready are you to adapt to a new culture? How much do you know about the United States? 

Our Cultural Immersion and Orientation Program for Graduate Students can help you learn more about common cultural habits, local places to visit, and even help you get to know some of your fellow classmates before your academic classes begin.

2017 Application HERE

The program gave the chance for the people to talk in English, study in English, work in English. I never imagined how perfect this program would be, but it was really perfect.
Guanjie Ma
MS in Marketing
2015 Participant
I think the money is totally worth it.
Anany Dwivedi
MS in Robotics
2015 Participant
I've never come to the U.S.A. before, and I don't believe I could adapt very well on my own, being an absolute newcomer. I think the program better prepared me for the upcoming academic year and the life in the U.S.
Zimo Song
MS in Operations, Analytics, and Management
2015 Participant
It surprised me when I saw everyone in our group speaking English.
Yinan Sun
MS in Mechanical Engineering
2015 Participant