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WPI encourages all students who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, or dating violence to report the incident and seek assistance. WPI provides a variety of options to individuals who have experienced sexual violence, outlined below. Students may file a complaint with the university, with the local police department, with both, or with neither.  

Reporting Considerations

Committed to student safety, WPI is required by Federal Law to investigate all allegations of sexual misconduct and take any remedial action deemed necessary to preserve your safety and that of the community, whether or not you wish to make a formal complaint. However, in planning any response, the wishes of the reporting student are given full consideration.

Interim Measures

Whether or not you decide to file an official complaint, the Dean of Students Office can assist you with a variety of measures including a “no-contact order,” academic support, and housing accommodations. Contact the Dean of Students.

About Confidentiality

All WPI faculty and staff are required to report information about a sexual misconduct incident to the Title IX Coordinator. If you are unsure where to turn and need help understanding your options, we encourage you to speak with a confidential resource.

University Complaint

If the alleged perpetrator is affiliated with WPI, you may file a complaint with the university by contacting the Dean of Students Office or WPI's Title IX Coordinator. University complaints are governed by the Student Code of Conduct. The standard of proof is “a preponderance of the evidence,” meaning more likely than not, and sanctions may include suspension or expulsion (for students) and termination (for employees).

Dean of Students Office: 

Jonathan Stewart, Title IX Coordinator 

For assistance initiating a complaint, or to learn more about the process, you can contact one of the Sexual Violence Judicial Advocates. Advocates are not confidential but can provide support to students without having to report any personally identifying information about an incident to the University.

Jennifer Cluett: 
Colleen Callahan-Panday: 
David Ortendahl:

Criminal Complaint

If you choose to file a criminal complaint, WPI Campus Police will provide you with support throughout the process. A criminal complaint is governed by applicable criminal statutes and the standard of proof is “beyond a reasonable doubt.”  Potential sanctions include all applicable criminal sanctions, up to and including incarceration.

You are not required to file a criminal complaint. You may choose to file a criminal complaint in addition to a University complaint. For more information, contact Campus Police:

WPI Police & Public Safety 
Emergency Phone: 508-831-5555
Non-Emergency Phone: 508-831-5433

There are many community resources that can also support you in the process of filing a criminal complaint. Pathways for Change and YWCA Daybreak both offer free services including court advocacy.


If you have experienced any form of sexual violence, stalking, or dating violence, there are several ways you can report the incident. Depending on who you are most comfortable speaking with, you can reach out to a variety of resources to discuss your incident and explore reporting options.