Yehia Massoud

Professor and Department Head

Department Head

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories, 203

Yehia Massoud is the Head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1999. He was a member of the Technical Staff at the Advanced Technology Group at Synopsys Inc., Mountain View, CA from 1999 to 2003, where he received the Synopsys Special Recognition Engineering Award. ... View Profile

William Appleyard

Electronics Technician III

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Phone: 508-831-5869

Stephen John Bitar


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 312

Phone: 508-831-5501

ECE is one of those fields that most people take for granted, yet it runs our economy and provides us with the high standard of living that we are accustomed to. Just consider a typical day as we wake in the morning to an alarm clock, flip on the lights, check our email, throw a bagel in the microwave, call a friend, and start our car to go to work—all of these things require electricity and ECE. ... View Profile

Gene Bogdanov

Assistant Teaching Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Labs 020

Phone: 508-831-6640

After receiving my PhD in Electrical Engineering from WPI in 2002, I have remained at WPI as a Research Assistant Professor and Adjunct Instructor.  I still actively conduct research in the area of my PhD thesis topic, radiofrequency coils for magnetic resonance imaging.  The most recent proposal in this area is a dual-modality microwave tomography and MRI breast coil that provides complementary information for breast cancer detection.  Other MRI projects include a resonant gradient coil for imaging sound waves in tissues, multi-channel breast coils, dual-tuned head coils, and dual-coil transm ... View Profile

Donald Richard Brown


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 313

Phone: 508-831-5351

D. Richard Brown III received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from The University of Connecticut in 1992 and 1996, respectively, and received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University in 2000. From 1992-1997, he was with General Electric Electrical Distribution and Control. Since August 2000, he has been with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he is now a Professor. ... View Profile

Edward A. Clancy


Director, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Project Center

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 304

Phone: 508-831-5778

I am interested in applying engineering and science skills to problems in medicine and human health. Currently, I am focusing on understanding the electrical activity of human skeletal muscles (EMG) for applications including the control of powered prostheses (e.g., prosthetic hands, elbows, and legs), the clinical diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases, and worker safety/ergonomics. ... View Profile

David Cyganski


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories 217

Prior to becoming the Dean of Engineering, ad interim, and subsequent to my work at Bell Laboratories I was a Professor in the ECE department at WPI. I have also held the positions of Vice President of Information Systems and Vice Provost within the WPI administration. In my early career my teaching and research primarily centered upon signal processing and its applications. I have been the recipient of 65+ research grants, funded by DARPA, ARO, NSF, DOJ, FEMA/DHS and the electronics, aerospace and medical industry. ... View Profile

R. James Duckworth

Associate Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 301

Phone: 508-831-5204, 508-831-5231

My electrical and computer engineering interests include multiprocessing, parallel computation, logic synthesis, embedded system design, autonomous robots, and computer architecture. Recently my research work has centered on the Precision Personnel Locator (PPL) for First Responders. This project started as a result of the tragic incident in Worcester in 1999 when six firefighters lost their lives in a warehouse fire. ... View Profile

Thomas Eisenbarth

Assistant Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories 307

Phone: 508-831-5914

Data and network security have become of utmost importance in today's highly interconnected world. Embedded systems security is a great research area at the core of any secure cyber-infrastructure, with unique challenges: Besides classical problems found in security, systems must meet tough constraints on power consumption, interoperability and cost. At the same time, adversaries may have physical access to the system, allowing them to perform a whole new class of attacks. ... View Profile

Alexander E. Emanuel


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 215

Phone: 508-831-5239, 508-831-5231

Energy is the magic manifestation that keeps us alive and warm. Energy keeps wheels turning, the sun shining, the hand writing, the earth spinning. I have dedicated my entire professional life to the study of energy-related problems, including the conversion of energy from one form to another. My primary focus has been in issues dealing with the quality of electrical energy. Some of the topics I continue to work on: View Profile

Catherine Emmerton

Administrative Assistant VI

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Phone: 508-831-5231, 508-831-5232

Jie Fu

Assistant Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: 85 Prescott 222

Phone: 508-831-4963

My research leverages control theory, formal methods, and machine learning to construct adaptive, provably correct cyber-physical systems with respect to complex specifications. The challenges I am currently interested in include: reactive robotic systems under partial information and modeling uncertainty, multi-robot coordination, optimal control of hybrid systems, and design of adaptive semi-autonomous systems. View Profile

Thomas F Gannon

Professor of Practice

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories, 009

Phone: 508-831-5517

Tom has over 45 years of experience in enterprise systems engineering, real-time control systems and information management systems. Prior to joining the faculty of WPI as a Professor of Practice in 2014, Tom was Director of Information Systems Engineering and Chief Engineer for the Software Engineering Technical Center at the MITRE Corporation, and he continues to serve as the Consulting Chief Engineer for that organization on a part-time basis. ... View Profile

Hossein Hakim

Associate Professor

IEEE Faculty Advisor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 231

Phone: 508-831-5347, 508-831-5231

Xinming Huang


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 303

Phone: 508-831-5771

Being a faculty member is a privilege through which I can teach and mentor many students. My area of expertise is in computer engineering. More specifically, I conduct research on integrated circuits and embedded systems design for wireless communications, autonomous driving, and Internet of Things. I teach computer engineering courses at all levels from transistors, gates, circuits, processors, to computer systems. ... View Profile

Susan M. Jarvis

Assistant Teaching Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 011

Phone: 508-831-5325

The best thing about being an electrical or computer engineer (I've been called both!) is that it is a profession that can literally take you anywhere. My current research involves species level identification and localization of marine mammals in the open ocean. I've been able to blend my background in ECE subjects like digital signal processing, classification theory, and real-time computing with other technical topics like underwater acoustics and my lifelong love for the ocean. ... View Profile

Fred J. Looft

Professor & Ac Dir Systems Eng

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 012

Phone: 508-831-5369, 508-831-5231

When I first came to WPI/ECE, I was involved in the modeling of sensory receptors and neural coding—a field of study at the interface between electrical engineering, communications systems, biomedical engineering, neurosciences, and sensory systems. For about 20 years I published papers and worked on research grants related to sensory systems and neural coding, advised undergraduate and graduate projects, and collaborated on several projects with a colleague at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. ... View Profile

Reinhold Ludwig


Co-Director, MITRE Project Center

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 228

Phone: 508-831-5315, 508-831-5238

I came to WPI over 20 years ago after graduating from Colorado State University. My research includes electromagnetic and acoustic nondestructive evaluation (NDE), and for the past 15 years instrumentation for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). As director of the RF Electronics and Medical Imaging Laboratory, I focus on designing radiofrequency (RF) coils and electronic circuits for pre-clinical (animal) and clinical (human) MR scanners. ... View Profile

Yousef Mahmoud

Assistant Professor

Director of Renewable Energy Lab

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories, 204

Yousef Mahmoud has joined Worcester Polytechnic Institute on Aug/2016 upon obtaining his Ph.D. degree from University of Waterloo, Canada. He has been interested in improving the efficiency, reliability, operation, and control of renewable energy systems. He is also interested in their applications in smart cities. He is an IEEE senior member. ... View Profile

Sergey N. Makarov


Co-Director, MITRE Project Center

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 306

Phone: 508-831-5017

My professional work centers on computational human phantoms, applied electromagnetics, and the numerical optimization and prototyping of selected on-body antenna types.RF studies can lead a student to challenging research and careers in a number of fields, including wireless communications, health care, power electronics, financial services, environmental management, engineering design and production, antenna design, radar engineering, and signals processing. RF is also moving into the biomedical field where there are many opportunities for wireless RF applications. ... View Profile

Shamsur R Mazumder

Assistant Teaching Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories, 310

Phone: 508-831-5869

I like teaching, advising projects and working closely with students. I share my experiences to inspire and motivate students to excel in whatever subject areas interest them. I try to listen to students and guide them to develop problem solving skills. ... View Profile

John A. McNeill


Associate Department Head

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 305

Phone: 508-831-5567

My favorite course to teach is ECE3204, Microelectronics II. This course is right on the boundary between analog signals in the physical world and digital processing and storage of information. It's a great course for students who want to know "how things work." I use a digital audio system as the theme for the course, following the audio signal as it travels through the system. ... View Profile

William R. Michalson


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: 85 Prescott 204

Phone: 508-831-5766

I joined the faculty of the ECE Department in 1991 after leaving Raytheon Company, where I spent approximately 12 years involved with the development of embedded computers for guidance, communications, and data processing systems for spaceborne and terrestrial applications. At WPI I perform research and teach in the areas of navigation, communications, and computer system design. ... View Profile

Zainalabedin Navabi

Adjunct Teaching Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 319

Phone: 508-831-6663

Dr. Zainalabedin Navabi is an adjunct professor of electrical and computer engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Navabi is the author of several textbooks and computer based trainings on VHDL, Verilog and related tools and environments. Dr. Navabi’s involvement with hardware description languages begins in 1976, when he started the development of a register-transfer level simulator for one of the very first HDLs. In 1981 he completed the development of a synthesis tool that generated MOS layout from an RTL description. Since 1981, Dr. ... View Profile

James P. O'Rourke

Electrical Engineer Manager

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 101

Phone: 508-831-5554, 508-831-5231, 508-831-5233

John A. Orr

Prof/Dir of Sustainability

Co-Director, Liberal Arts & Engineering


Office: AK 214

Phone: 508-831-5273

John A. Orr is Director of Sustainability and Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He served as Provost of WPI from 2007 through 2010 and prior to this he held the positions of Dean of Undergraduate Studies and head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Dr. Orr received the BS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and the MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He began his career at Bell Laboratories and joined WPI in 1977. Dr. ... View Profile

Kaveh Pahlavan


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 308

Phone: 508-831-5634, 508-831-5231, 508-831-5018

I am a professor of ECE, a professor of CS, and director of the Center for Wireless Information Network Studies (CWINS). My laboratory, the first of its kind in the world, specializes in radio propagation study for the design of algorithms used in wireless networks. Beginning in 1985 we applied our research to the design of wireless local and personal area networks and since the mid-’90s to wireless localization applications. My passion is in innovation and entrepreneurship and my students and I have been involved in a number of leading-edge start-up companies. ... View Profile

Peder C. Pedersen


Director, Denmark Project Center

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 205

Phone: 508-831-5641, 508-831-5231, 508-831-5735

I find it both challenging and rewarding to work on health care technologies that can facilitate diagnostic decision making. More specifically, I work in the area of medical ultrasound, which on one hand is a great imaging tool because it is safe and portable and inexpensive, but which on the other hand requires a significant skill level to use effectively. ... View Profile

Jahangir Rahman

Assistant Teaching Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories, 309

Phone: 508-831-5975

Teaching has always been enjoyable for me, no matter at what level or what the subject was. Seeing someone go from a confused state to saying “oh, I get it” is a great reward. Effective teaching is about learning. It has taken more than a few years for me to learn that there is no significant difference between learning and teaching. We learn in order that we can teach; we teach in order to learn. ... View Profile

Berk Sunar


Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 302

Phone: 508-831-5494

I received my PhD in ECE from Oregon State University in December 1998 and worked briefly as a member of the research faculty at OSU's Information Security Laboratory. In 2000 I joined WPI as an assistant professor. My research interests include cryptography and data security; I head the Cryptography and Information Security Laboratory, whose mission is to address security problems and develop new security technologies to ensure the safety of all facets of the communication and computing infrastructure. View Profile
Colleen Sweeney

Colleen Sweeney

Administrative Assistant V

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Phone: 508-831-5231

Richard F. Vaz

Director, Center for PBL

Director, Center for Project-Based Learning
Director, Bangkok Project Center

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center, 2nd Fl

Phone: 508-831-5344

As Director of WPI’s Center for Project-Based Learning, I work with colleagues across campus to help advance project-based learning at colleges and universities around the nation and the globe. We also support project-based learning here on the WPI campus. Most of my scholarly and professional activity centers around experiential and international education. Through my involvement in organizations such as the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the American Society for Engineering Education, I work to promote WPI’s approach to undergraduate education as a national model. ... View Profile

Shamsnaz S. Virani

Assistant Teaching Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent Laboratories, 010

Phone: 508-831-4848

Systems Engineering grew out of practicing engineers designing and managing complex engineering projects from concept to reality. The Inter-disciplinary nature of WPI engineering programs, the project centric approach to education and the innovative mindset all support the growth of a strong and successful system engineering curriculum and program. More importantly, systems engineering concepts push the domain boundary by not only supporting engineering missions but also humanitarian and social missions. ... View Profile

Alexander Wyglinski

Associate Professor

Co-Director, Limerick Project Center
Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering (WECE) Faculty Advisor

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Office: Atwater Kent 230

Phone: 508-831-5061

In today’s information age, wireless communication is the highway that connects all of us together. My goal as a teacher is to mentor students along a path of discovery and research in wireless communications, including cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access. Given the increasing number of wireless users and applications, there is an urgent need to devise new approaches for accommodating this rapid growth and counteract the wireless spectrum issue currently faced by modern society. ... View Profile

Associated Faculty

First Name Last Name Title Email Phone Extension Office Location
Scott Doremus ECE Professor of Practice x 5517 CPE
Kevin Clements Professor Emeritus x 5517 CPE
James Demetry Professor Emeritus    
Katherine Dykes Adjunct Instructor x 5517 CPE
Premananda Indic Corporate and Professional Education    
Michael Leonard Adjunct Instructor    
James Matthews Adjuct Teaching Professor x 6106 AK 019
Jeff Mayer Adjunct Instructor x 5517 CPE
Anthony McGrail Adjunct Assistant Professor    


Pajic Corporate and Professional Education x 5517


Richard Stanley Adjunct Assistant Professor    
Robert Swarz ECE Professor of Practice x 5517 CPE
Edvina Uzunovic Adjunct Assistant Professor    


Corporate and Professional Education   CS
Robert Wheeler Adjunct Instructor x 5517 CPE