Faculty Advisor Interests:

Name Area of Interest
Ay, Suat VLSI Design, Analog/Mixed-Signal IC Design, Image/Vision Sensors, Intelligent Electronics
Asheghan, Mostafa Linear and nonlinear control, Robust control, Fractional-order system, Chaos Synchronization, Statistical shape analysis
Bitar, Stephen Analog Electronics/Sensors
Brown, D. Richard Communications, Networking, Machine Learning, Drones
Clancy, Edward Biomedical Signal Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation, Prosthesis Control, Wearable Sensing, STEM Discovery Projects
Doroz, Yarkin  Security, Cryptography, Blockchain/Smart Contracts, High Performance Computing using FPGAs, Digital Hardware/Software Design (vhdl, verilog)
Ganji, Fatemeh Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Hardware Security (Intellectual Property Protection, Side-channel Analysis), Cryptography
Guler, Ulkuhan Analog and Mixed Electronics, Sensors
Huang, Xinming Smart Health, AI & Computer Vision
Islam, Bashima Machine Learning, Mobile and Ubiquitous Computer, Sustainable Computing, On-Device Deep Learning, Mobile Health, Acoustic Sensing
Ludwig, Reinhold RF Circuits, Nondestructive Testing of Infrastructure, Ultrasonic Wave Propagation and Scattering, Coil Design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Electromagnetic Modeling and Design
Makarov, Sergey Antennas and RF
Michalson, William Communication, Navigation, Computing, Robotics
Mus, Koksal   Cryptography, Cybersecurity, Protocol Design, Verifiable E-Voting
Noetscher, Gregory Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electromagnetic Modeling and Design, Bioelectromagnetics, Antennas
Pahlavan, Kaveh Wireless Networking/RF Geolocation
Schaumont, Patrick Hardware Security, Side-channel Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Secure Hardware and Software
Sunar, Berk Cryptography/Computer Security
Tajik, Shahin Hardware Security, Physical Security, Side-Channel Analysis, FPGA Security, Anti-Tamper, Cryptography
Tang, Bo Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Wireless Networking, and Robotics
Bhada, Shamsnaz       Engineering and Public Policy, Policy Content Modeling,  and Systems Engineering
Wyglinski, Alexander Software-Defined Radio/Wireless
Zhang, Ziming Computer Vision and Machine Learning