Faculty Advisor Interests:

Name Area of Interest
Bitar, Stephen Analog Electronics/Sensors
Brown, D. Richard Wireless/DSP/Digital Communications
Clancy, Edward Biomedical Electronics
Clark, Andrew Security/Control-Cyber-Physical Systems
Cyganski, David Radar/Wireless/RF Geolocation
Duckworth, R. James Embedded Systems/FPGA
Emanuel, Alexander Power Electronics
Eisenbarth, Thomas Embedded Security/Applied Cryptography
Hakim, Hossein Signal Processing/DSP
Huang, Xinming Embedded Systems/FPGA
Jarvis, Susan Embedded Systems/Sensors
Looft, Fred VLSI/Robotics
Ludwig, Reinhold RF and Microwave Engineering
Makarov, Sergey Antennas and RF
McNeill, John Analog and Mixed Electronics
Michalson, William Embedded Systems/FPGA
Orr, John Power Quality/DSP
Pahlavan, Kaveh Wireless Networking/RF Geolocation
Sunar, Berk Cryptography/Computer Security
Wyglinski, Alexander Software-Defined Radio/Wireless