Looking for hands-on, interactive professional development in any of the science, technology, engineering, and math fields, or for a place to learn from and network with other educators? The STEM Education Center is here for you, offering project- and research-based activities that tackle issues of real-world relevance for teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, and informal educators to provide you with new ways to excite and inspire students.

The STEM Education Center can conduct professional development workshops specifically for your school, district, or program, or you can visit our calendar to learn more about our upcoming professional development opportunities and events at WPI, including programs run by the STEM Ed Center, programs specifically for school and district leaders and administrators, and the nationwide program Project Lead The Way.

TeachThought Podcast Contributors

As global leaders in the field of project-based learning, WPI faculty and staff are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with other academic institutions around the world. In keeping with this focus, Kris Wobbe (associate dean of undergraduate studies and associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry) and Mia Dubosarsky (director of professional development at the STEM Education Center) recently sat down with Drew Perkins of TeachThought Professional Development to discuss all things STEM and project-based learning, as well as each one's integral role in the education of students at all grade levels.

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Every year, the STEM Education Center recognizes educators and education leaders dedicated to science, technology, engineering and mathematics at our annual event AweSTEM!