PracticePoint: Advancing Healthcare through Cyber-physical Systems

PracticePoint is a membership-based research, development, and commercialization alliance founded to advance healthcare technologies. The focus is on smart and secure medical devices that interact with the physical world to improve the promise of patient-centric care.

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Residential Suite

Prevent expensive interventions and optimize home health visits in a secure testing environment. Design inside a flexible platform; build a smart home from the ground up. Advance the field of medical and home health technology; telepresence, logistics robotics, personal healthcare monitoring, and assisted living technology.

Rehabilitative Care Suite

Improve patient outcomes in an interactive development space. Help patients avoid long recovery times and improve their experience as they rehabilitate. Assess device and patient performance; optimize devices and protocols. Innovate in wearable, assistive, and rehabilitative robotics and devices.

Controlled Care Suite

Operate in a “high touch” environment; optimize workflow. Testing is critical to ensure medical device safety. Flexible floorplan gives options such as doctor’s office, ICU, ER, recovery room, and other care settings. Test your device for cyber-physical administration of “companion diagnostics” and therapies, and in automated systems such as robotic lifts and transfers.

Surgical Imaging Suite

Accelerate innovation within an iterative development environment that simulates an operating room with medical imaging capabilities. Easily navigate from the clinical setting to R&D. Bring to life your ideas in robotic surgery, implantation, and other image-guided, cyber-physical-aided interventions.

PracticePoint is supported by these founding partners:

  • Massachusetts Technology Collaborative
  • GE Healthcare
  • The MITRE Corporation
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School
GE Healthcare is most enthusiastic to partner in this effort to promote healthcare and health innovation, advance economic development, and accelerate job training and growth in the Commonwealth.
Lorraine Bolsinger
VP, Leadership Accelerator Program, GE
A proactive effort to pioneer medical device applications of cyber-physical systems in Massachusetts will result in economic benefits and potential healthcare outcome improvements.
Peter Sherlock
Senior VP, Programs & Technology, MITRE
WPI's goals of investing in impactful research, accelerating translation of concepts from lab to market, and workforce development align closely with our own goals and mission.
Katherine Luzuriaga, MD
Director and PI, UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science