As the business school of a premier technological university, the Robert A. Foisie Business School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute integrates science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) into the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Consistent with WPI’s motto of theory and practice, a project-based approach to learning and doing pervades the WPI Foisie Business School’s curriculum. Our students take advantage of the university’s strong relationships with technology-intensive organizations around the world and a network of more than 40 global project centers.

Graduates of the WPI Foisie Business School are prepared to lead at the intersection of technology and business, applying entrepreneurial thinking and harnessing the power of technology and teamwork to solve complex human problems.

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Success is all in the Family

Frank Hoy, Paul R. Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the director of the Collaborative for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, is a pioneer in the relatively young field of scholarship on family-owned businesses. In his research he explores how family business sustain themselves and thrive.

Apps for Better Healthcare

 Diane Strong (left), professor, and Bengisu Tulu, associate professor, are leading teams developing smartphone apps that help people better manage health conditions ranging from diabetes to stress eating. The work draws on the expertise of a team of specialists, including technology experts and clinicians.

From Worcester to Wall Street

Kevin Sweeney, professor of practice, focuses his research interests on the relationship between finance, strategy, and innovation, which closely connects to his work with undergraduate students at the WPI Wall Street Project Center.

Tracking Clear Indicators

Soussan Djamasbi, associate professor and director of the User Experience and Decision-Making Lab, studies how people use a technology, gaining insight that informs system design—and improves effectiveness and return on investment. In her lab, cutting-edge eye tracking technology is really something to see.

Featured Program: MBA

WPI Foisie Business School MBA students often find themselves moving up in their companies while in the program, and graduates are making an impact in high-profile positions across technology-intensive business.

Featured Program: MS, Marketing & Innovation

Through WPI's Master of Science in Marketing and Innovation program in the Foisie Business School, students learn to recognize the unique needs of technology-oriented environments and how to meet them head-on.

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