Global Projects Program

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WPI’s Global Projects Program continues to bring students into communities around the world where they work on projects in collaboration with local partners. As students spend time at a project center this B-Term, they will build relationships within those communities, gaining an understanding of the social and cultural context of their projects, while learning about the people who call the region home.

“WPI’s Global Projects Program is designed to shape future STEM practitioners who can collaborate across cultures to help make a better world,” says Kathleen Head, MS, Director of the Global Experience Office in The Global School. “The off-campus Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) offers students the unique opportunity to work on interdisciplinary teams to address global challenges within a local context both here in the U.S. and abroad. As a result, students learn about themselves and their host culture, all while shaping their worldview and honing practical skills such as written and oral communication, critical thinking, and teamwork.”

Students are working on Interactive Qualifying Projects in

Cape Town, South Africa with advisors Steve Taylor (TBS) and Rosemary Taylor (Adjunct)

Hangzhou, China with advisors Hansong Pu (Adjunct) and Joe Sarkis (TBS)

Kyoto, Japan with advisors Alex Sphar (DIGS) and Padini Nirmal (Adjunct)

Melbourne, Australia with advisors Lorraine Higgins (DIGS) and Jono Chee (Adjunct)-contingent

Nantucket, MA with advisors Susan Jarvis (Adjunct) and Fred Looft (Adjunct)

Prague, Czech Republic with advisors Laureen Elgert (DIGS) and Phil Hultquist (Adjunct)

Santa Fe, New Mexico with advisors Dominic Golding (DIGS) and Jeff Solomon (Adjunct)

Tirana, Albania with advisors Bob Hersh (DIGS) and Melissa Butler (DIGS)

Venice, Italy with advisors Fabio Carrera (DIGS) and Melissa Belz (DIGS)

Washington, DC  with advisors Adrienne Hall-Phillips (TBS) and Lauren Mathews (BBT)

Wellington, New Zealand with advisor Mike Elmes (TBS)

Worcester Tech Teacher Prep


Students are working on Major Qualifying Projects in

FinTech (formerly Wall Street) with advisor Rob Sarnie (TBS)

Kyoto, Japan (KUAS) with advisor Adam Powell (ME)

Silicon Valley, CA with advisor Mark Claypool (CS)

Stockholm, Sweden-KTH  (A23/B23) with advisor Holly Ault (Adjunct)

Tokyo, Japan with advisor Adam Powell (ME)

Wellington, New Zealand with advisor Mike Elmes (TBS)


And WPI has an exchange student in France at NEOMA Business School.


During the 2022-23 academic year, 1,114 students traveled to 54 project centers in 30 countries on 6 continents. Learn more about WPI’s global project centers.