April 08, 2021

As we head into month number four of 2021 (and more spring weather!), let’s look back at everything the WPI community was up to in March. 

Spring is here—can we get a tech, yeah!


Sarah Olson was named interim head of Mathematical Sciences at WPI; she’s the first woman to lead the department in the university’s 156-year history.


How many digits of pi can you name? We challenged WPI students to name as many as they could this past Pi Day, and their answers had us infinitely impressed.


2020 President's IQP Awards

The annual President’s IQP Awards were held virtually this year, with students presenting on everything from environmental awareness and emergency preparedness to music and historic preservation. The winning project focused on the memorialization of the Spaç Labor Camp in Albania.


Let’s hear it for the undergoats! During its BattleBots journey, Team Ribbot upstaged MIT’s Team Uppercut to move forward in the competition. (Photo courtesy Team Ribbot)


WPI has long been focused on creating an equitable, holistic application review process, and we took another step forward with a recent faculty vote in favor of an eight-year pilot to eliminate SAT and ACT scores from our admissions review process.


You’re killing us, Smalls—after more than a year, the WPI baseball and softball teams are heading back to the field for play!


WPI professors

18 full-time faculty members were promoted in academic rank or awarded tenure this month—12 have attained the rank of full professor, and six have been awarded tenure, all effective July 1.


There’s no better way to start off D-Term than by catching up with friends.


Did you miss the latest in The Global School’s Virtual Event Series? On-demand content is available now: check out the video for discussions on faculty research and student projects, future collaborations, and a keynote address by Meng Bo, associate dean of the Office of International Affairs at Tsinghua University.



Over the past few months, assistant professor of chemical engineering Andrew Teixeira has received four grants totaling over $1.6 million for research into on-demand manufacturing systems to improve water quality, agriculture, and drug development.


the Housing & Residential Experience Center, the Student Government Association, and Student Activities Office hosted a special build-a-plushie event—yes, it was just as adorable as it sounds.


Members of the Alliance placed a trans pride flag on Gompei in support, honor, and celebration of transgender and nonbinary people around the world as part of this year's Trans Day of Visibility.