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B. Eng University of Benin, Nigeria
M.S.E.C.E University of Massachusetts, Amherst
PhD University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Emmanuel Agu is currently a professor in the computer science department at WPI having received his Masters and PhD in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His research interests are in the areas of computer graphics, mobile computing, and wireless networks. He is especially interested in research into how to use a smartphone as a platform to deliver better healthcare. In collaboration with researchers at WPI and at UMass Medical School, he is currently working on NIH-funded research project to create a mobile application for chronic wound care management for patients with lower extremity and pressure ulcers. He is also working on a DARPA research project to use smartphone data and machine/deep learning to sense Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and infectious diseases early. He is also working on using machine learning and deep learning to sense when smartphone users are too drunk to drive in order to alert them. His research has been funded by the NSF, NIH, DARPA, the US department of education, US Army Research Labs, Google, Nvidia and AMD. His research has been published in various ACM and IEEE conferences.


Through his mobile health and sensing research, EPICC PI Emmanuel Agu is looking at the role mobile devices, smartphones, and health care apps can play in capturing important health data and biomarkers.

Scholarly Work

A Novel CyberPhysical System (CPS) for 3D Imaging of the Small Intestine in Vivo
An automatic assessment system of diabetic foot ulcers based on wound area determination, color segmentation and healing score evaluation
Imperceptible Simplification on Mobile Displays
Smartphone-Based Wound Assessment System for Patients with Diabetes
Real-Time Dispersive Refraction with Adaptive Spectral Mapping
The Design, Architecture and Implementation of Sugar, an Android Smartphone App for Advanced Diabetes


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