Degree in Biology and Biotechnology

Bachelor of Science

Whether it’s combating debilitating diseases, developing clean energy sources, or helping feed the world, biotechnology uses our understanding of biological systems to solve global problems.

Value Proposition Description

As a student pursuing a degree in Biology and Biotechnology, you’ll learn how biological systems operate and how to harness molecular, cellular, and organismal processes to develop innovative technologies and solutions to improve our lives. Through your courses and research, you’ll combine the theory of biology with its practice—biotechnology.

The biology and biotechnology curriculum allows you to immerse yourself in everything from cellular and molecular biology to biology of organisms and their environments from day one. WPI’s hands-on, interdisciplinary courses ensure you’ll have not just the tools, but the support, knowledge, and skills needed to approach problems with creativity and flexibility. Lifelong learning is a critical component of a WPI education, and a degree in biology and biotechnology will set you on a path toward achieving exactly that.


Project-based Learning

From inquiry-based labs to the Major Qualifying Project, a project-based curriculum is at the heart of how Biology & Biotechnology (BBT) students learn. Dynamic, hands-on work will help connect what you’re learning in classes to what you’ll do in the real world. In BBT, you'll be alongside researchers or faculty members who are making meaningful advances at the intersection of biology and technology in such diverse areas as cancer cell biology and regenerative medicine.

More Value

Whether it’s real-world work experience through a co-op or internshipearning a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in four or five years through the BS/MS program, or integrating your coursework with your extracurricular interests through Major and a Mission, there are many ways you can make the most out of your time at WPI.

Earn Your Bachelor’s in Biology & Biotechnology

Do you have a passion for studying living organisms, conducting groundbreaking research, and helping improve lives? Pursuing a bachelor’s in biology and biotechnology at WPI is a step in the right direction. As a biology major, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art lab equipment to dive into research on everything from cancer vaccines to synthetic biology. If you’re asking yourself what you can do with a bachelor’s in biology and biotechnology, or have questions about biotech jobs, explore our Career Outlook page—it’s got salary information, lists of companies who have hired WPI grads, and more.

Interested in using computational tools to explore biological systems? Our bachelor’s in bioinformatics and computational biology combines biology, computer science, and math to provide students a surplus of knowledge needed to solve real-world industry problems. Do you love studying living organisms, but want to learn more about chemical processes? Check out our bachelor’s in biochemistry, which will give you the chance to focus on studying the chemical reactions of living things.

Minors are another great way to combine your interests, especially those in fields different from your chosen major. Have a passion for how health impacts people, education, medicine, or the environment? Consider a minor in global public health. Interested in biology? A biology minor gives you the chance to learn about molecular biology, applied ecology, and more without the broad commitment of a major.

Take the Next Step with an MS in Biology & Biotechnology

Now that your bachelor’s in biology and biotechnology is completed, you may be wondering—what’s next? Consider continuing your studies with an MS. WPI’s full-time, thesis-based MS in biology and biotechnology will give you all the knowledge and experience you need to launch a successful career or continue on to your PhD.

Focus on Biotechnology with an MS from WPI

We’ve all got favorites—is biotechnology yours? If so, check out WPI’s skills-focused MS in biotechnology. This flexible, online, non-thesis MS program not only offers broad knowledge and experience, but will help you leverage the interdisciplinary nature of the biotechnology industry as you continue your education or branch out into your professional career.

Close Mentorship and Cutting Edge Research with a PhD

Looking to build upon what you learned as a biology major? WPI’s PhD in biology and biotechnology is a perfect next step after completing your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Take advantage of close mentorship and a world-class research infrastructure to make an impact and explore topics that matter to you.