Event Collateral and Marketing Resources Timeline

WPI Community members should complete this as early as possible before event:

Create a digital presence:

When you have all the information about your event collected (see below list), add the event to the University Calendar. Here are instructions on how to add an event.

Under “Post to Website,” make sure to select “WPI Today,” which will post your event to the daily emails sent to faculty and staff.

Sample essential information for the Web:

  • Name of event, date(s), time
  • Description
  • Target Audience(s)

Optional information (use only if your event requires this)

  • Registration Form (contact cmshelp@wpi.edu if you need this support)
  • Program (event agenda and descriptions of speakers with bios and topics)
  • Travel & Lodging (repurpose the content here )

If you require a more robust web presence, send a request to cmshelp@wpi.edu. You can request a landing page for a conference, similar to this example (login with WPI credentials required). You will need to submit all the necessary webpage content to CMS Help before the page can be built.

   Options for Event Collateral and Ordering Timeline


wpi swag

Giveaways/Premiums: (order 4+ days ahead; special orders take 3-4 weeks)

Some events call for just the right gift for attendees. Visit the WPI digital storefront to find available stock items for delivery on short notice (shipping charges apply). Some ideas from past events include tee shirts, coffee or travel mugs, water bottles, pens, umbrellas, power banks, tote bags, lapel pins, etc.

Alternatively, place a special customized order through WPI’s partnership with Land’s End here. Visit the Ordering Items section on the Marketing Communications Resources and Tools page for additional information.

Signage: (order 2+ weeks in advance; some special orders require more time)

Some events call for directional signage to make sure attendees get to where they need to go or signage that displays certain needed information. For signage orders, first contact the ATC to have your signs printed. If the ATC is unable to complete your special request,  submit your request to marketing@wpi.edu.

Step & Repeats, Banners, and Table Covers: (request 2+ weeks ahead; custom orders require more time)

Reserve event banners and table covers for your event by emailing marketing@wpi.edu. Contact Marketing Communications for custom orders.  

Banner sizes: 

  • Small (72” w x 36” h)
  • Large (144” w x 72” h)

Hanging banners have grommets and pole pockets for installation.

Event Photography: (request 2+ weeks ahead)

For event photography, you can request a student photographer from the Student Photography Club. Alternatively, you can hire a paid marketing student photographer. Fill out this form to initiate a photography request.

Programs/WPI Folders: (order 1-2+ weeks ahead)

Some events or conferences will require print materials to be used for the event. Once you have your content ready for the program, please email marketing@wpi.edu and someone will assist with your order.

There is a cost for printing, so be sure to include that in budget planning.

Larger programs are best packaged within a WPI folder. Folders are available and can be purchased by emailing marketing@wpi.edu.

Other Collateral and Resources


wpi sign

WPI Logos and Seal

For flyers to post and share, use WPI marks and logos appropriately in your promotions. Access the black and white logo and the color logo here. Please note, however, that WPI branding is not necessary for on-campus events.

To obtain a copy of the WPI seal, email logo@wpi.edu. Review the quick reference guide for usage of the WPI logo.

Speaker PowerPoint Slides

WPI-branded PowerPoint template can be found here.


For maps or directions to give to attendees, access and download interactive and print maps here. The official WPI parking map can be found here.


Use this template to create event name tags and print them on your office printer. Compatible with Avery product #5392 (6 name tags per page).