Promoting to the WPI Community


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Check out the various options below for promoting your event to the WPI Community: 

Location: Boynton Hall
Office Location: 3rd Floor
Phone: 508-831-5305
University Calendar and Web Presence

Use the University Calendar! Not only will your event be added to the university calendar on, but it will also be added to all relevant web pages as tagged, included in the WPI Today email and the WPI mobile app. Under “Post to Website,” make sure to select “WPI Today,” which will post your event to the daily emails sent to faculty and staff.

Sample Essential Information for the Web:

  • Name of event, date(s), time
  • Description
  • Target Audience(s)

If you require a more robust web presence, send a request to You can request a landing page for a conference, similar to this example (login with WPI credentials required). You will need to submit all the necessary webpage content to CMS Help before the page can be built.

Is your event newsworthy in some way?

Send a note to the PR team at about your event for story consideration. Include your University Calendar listing link in the email and any other information you have. If the team believes the event has story potential for the WPI Community, a representative will connect with you.

Social Media

Have a social media channel? Use it to promote your event. Don't have a social media channel or want your information directly on WPI's social media channels? Fill out the social media request form. For additional social media info, click here.

Digital Screens

Consider making a graphic for the event you'd like to share with the community. Submit your design here to be featured on digital screens across campus. (Your slide will only appear in certain locations around campus, at each screen manager's discretion). More information about digital screens can be found at the bottom of the Marketing Communications Resources and Tools page here.

Use your network!

Word-of-mouth is an effective way to promote your event – especially events that are only for WPI community members. Contact colleagues, department offices, and student groups you are closely connected with. Contact your connections on LinkedIn and other online groups.

Looking to reach students specifically?

If you have portal access to TechSync (powered by Campus Labs), add your event to the calendar in your Portal and choose anyone in the world as your audience. Additionally, when your event is on the TechSync Community Calendar, your event will feed into the University Calendar on and be considered for inclusion in the weekly email that is distributed to all students.

  • If you are looking to reach students but do not have a departmental portal, request access to the general department portal by connecting with the Student Activities Office via email at They will provide direction on how to gain access to the portal and create your event.
Newsletters (Alumni and ODIME)
  • For consideration in the Alumni newsletter or to request a list of alumni who fit your attendee profile, send a description of the event and your request to
  • For consideration in the Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multicultural Education Newsletter, send a description of the event and your request to
Email (as a last resort)

When used sparingly, email can be appropriate. Stay simple since people often get bombarded with emails. The less “fancy” they are, the better. Provide who, what, where, when, and how information in as few steps as you can.