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WPI is committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture where everyone feels a sense of belonging; a place where every student, faculty member, and staff member is valued and respected so that they may study, live, and work comfortably, reach their full potential, and make meaningful contributions to its institutional goals.  We strive to attract top talent to maintain the high-quality faculty, staff, and professionals as members of our WPI community. We ensure we are creating enticing job descriptions, engaging with potential candidates, and following legal guidance during interviews which are critical to a successful candidate recruitment process. This site provides robust information about recruitment and hiring for managers.

Hiring Toolkits

This Hiring Toolkit provides guides, tips, checklists, templates and resources for hiring managers to support you in all phases of the hiring process. Use this toolkit as a general guideline for all your searches. Reach out to your Talent Acquisition Partner or HR Talent Strategy Partner for help when needed. We are here for you!

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