The Boston Festival of Indie Games (BostonFIG) hosts two major events every year, BostonFIG Fest and BostonFIG Talks.

BostonFIG Fest has a curated competition where teams enter their games, and, if accepted, show them during BostonFIG Fest. In the evening, awards are given for best design, best art, and even audience favorite. There are two competitions during BostonFIG Fest, one for digital games, and one for tabletop games. In the past, WPI student groups have competed in both and won awards!

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At BostonFIG Talks, professionals meet for a day of speakers, both from the industry and from academia. Developers share ideas, experiences, and best practices. WPI students have even given talks at this event. It’s a day to share with your fellow creators and gain new input and insight into the process of making games.

IMGD at BostonFIG 2019