PAX East

Each year over 60,000 people flock to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center to take part in a four day celebration of all types of games, from tabletop RPGs to the latest shooters. It's PAX East—and WPI is there.

It’s not enough to make games, developers have to be able to show off their work, teach people how to play their games quickly, and gain valuable feedback as hundreds of people play your game over the course of the convention. Who knows? Maybe another developer will stop by and like your work, and you’ll make a valuable contact. 

After the Expo Hall closes, there’s still a full evening of talks, tournaments, concerts, and events for everyone. And don't forget to check out Made in MA while you're there!


Phone: 508-831-4977
Fax: 508-831-5776

Every year a student group designs WPI’s booth, curates what students games are shown, and staffs it with volunteers. We’ve shown the latest VR games and multiplayer coop games—all made by students.

Want to design IMGD's booth for PAX East AND get credit for your IQP? Reach out to Melissa Kagen for more information!

IMGD's Booth at PAX East 2017

IMGD's Booth at PAX East 2017

IMGD's Booth at PAX East 2017