Computational Media PhD

Conduct interdisciplinary research that will shape the future of computationally based creative expression. Housed in WPI’s IMGD, WPI’s new PhD in computational media provides space and expertise for students to research computational approaches that reflect, inspire, and shape human creativity and new media.

An interdisciplinary approach to how computers support and connect with human expression forms the research basis for WPI’s PhD in computational media. The best game design graduate programs like WPI’s include perspectives that cross disciplines to understand how computational media impacts society. As technology becomes increasingly entwined in all aspects of human life, professionals who can connect creativity and humanistic expression with computational media are in demand.

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They will be navigating the technological complexity of this field, but shaping its future as well. With a nuanced understanding of creative methods and humanistic concerns, they will develop new tools and services that positively change the way humans work, play, express themselves, and connect with others.

This research-based program is focused on play and art as fundamentally important aspects of human experience that can be shaped in compelling ways via technological tools and methods. Join an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students in exploring the effect of technology on individual and group creative practice. The PhD in computational media supports students whose research focuses on artistic and humanistic expression—whether through the creation of new computational tools or the novel application of existing platforms. Learn more about how WPI offers some of the best game design graduate programs in the nation.



Code Crafters Generated Quilt Patterns: "In Code Crafters, we are exploring how adults identify or engage with computers, computer science and computational thinking as it relates to their quilting. Additionally, we want to discover how a workshop environment can be used to facilitate recognition of computational thinking using the social, creative, and intergenerational practices already present in quilting in order to foster the transfer of new knowledge."

PhD Admissions Guidelines

Applicants to our Computational Media PhD program are typically expected to have a portfolio consisting of some combination of creative work, technical work, and scholarly research—the exact combination will be unique to each candidate. Although broad portfolios of work are useful to the admissions committee, we also encourage candidates to explicitly draw attention to important components that might inform their work at WPI within their personal statements.

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