Elevate your passion for gaming with our Master’s in game development program. Are you ready to take your technical knowledge, artistic vision, and passion for gaming to the next level? WPI’s nationally ranked MS in IMGD will get you there.

Our IMGD MS degree prepares professionals who can balance sophisticated design and technical expertise in developing immersive, interactive environments. You may tailor a program to suit your interests and career goals as you learn from and work alongside world-renowned faculty researchers and industry advisors.

Students in our game design master's program come from various backgrounds, including college graduates continuing their education, game industry professionals aiming for leadership roles, and professionals from other fields retooling their skills.

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USS Cape: a virtual escape room adventure built for Erik Cerini’s MS thesis 

MS Admissions Guidelines

As an IMGD MS applicant, you are not required to submit any technical or creative work, but it can help you stand out. Your best option will be to select one or two works that you’re excited about and relate them to your statement of purpose. Describe your vision of what you want to accomplish at IMGD in your statement, and then show us the work that you’ve done to prepare for your time here.

When submitting work, don’t send us a large portfolio. Each member of the admissions committee will typically have less than five minutes to review the technical and creative work accompanying an application. That said, if you have an existing portfolio, you’re welcome to send it to us with directions and links to the specific work you want reviewed as part of your application.

Be sure to provide the following information for any work you submit:

  • A description of what you want us to pay attention to in your work.
  • If you worked in a group, define what your role in the team was and the aspects of the work you were directly responsible for.
  • If the work is a game or user experience, please provide short video documentation (five minutes maximum). We will not compile your project and run it, and we will not read long pdfs describing the work. If a video isn’t possible, please include a small number of screenshots that capture the parts of the work you think are interesting with a paragraph or two of text.

Any questions? Send us an email at