We take audio for granted in our interactive experiences, never thinking of the real-time choreography that takes place: a perfect balance of aesthetic harmony and technical execution must exist to create a soundscape that immerses, entertains, and suspends our disbelief.

The IMGD Audio Concentration offers a practical look at the various disciplines in audio development for games and interactive media, including digital audio production, integration, and effective soundscape design for immersive and engaging experiences.

This is an exciting time to acquire game audio skills! Great opportunities are emerging for technical audio designers, sound designers, audio programmers, dialogue editors, and Foley artists, to name a few. Many of these roles can lead to executive positions such as Audio Director or Principal Sound Designer.

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Keith Zizza
Adjunct Instructor/Lecturer, School of Arts & Sciences

Phone: +1 (508) 8315000 x4928

I began my audio career "old school": editing with analog tape, a chopping block, and razor blades. I've since spent the past 20 years in digital audio, most of that time exclusively in the video game industry. Audio is one-third of the gaming experience; I'm most interested in optimizing the technical and aesthetic qualities of a game's soundscape (the interactive melting pot of music, sound effects, and dialogue), the end result being helping to suspend the player's disbelief and make game play even more immersive and engaging. After working as an audio director on more than 30 ...

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