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Create compelling art, animation and music for not just games—but many other (digital) entertainment and visualization industries.

The skills and tools taught in our art courses are directly applicable to a wide variety of industries—games, media production, UX/UI design, exhibit design, graphic design, and more—as there is a tremendous amount of overlap between production methods used to create interactive art assets for use in a game environment and the production of art for non-interactive media (film, architectural/medical/educational visualization, 3D product design, etc.). We have course offerings that focus on concept art, 2D and 3D animation, environmental modeling, 3D character design, and many others. This breadth in course offerings allows students to get a thorough understanding of what goes into creating art that is not just aesthetically pleasing but perhaps most importantly functions in the final output medium of choice.

Most importantly, students will learn the creative processes that are involved when creating art assets within a production pipeline while focusing on putting together a portfolio that meets the current demands of the greater digital art industry.

Tracking Sheets

IMGD Major (Bachelor of Arts)

  • IMGD Major (BA) with No Concentration: .xlsx.pdf
  • IMGD Major (BA) with Visual Art Concentration: .xlsx.pdf

Any questions? Reach out to our IMGD Visual Art faculty representative!

Ralph Sutter

Ralph Sutter

Senior Instructor/Lecturer-Computer Science
Office: 100 Institute RD
Ralph Sutter is a character artist and animator, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animation from the New England Institute of Art, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and with "Highest Honors" in the department. Two of his student pieces were featured in the 2010 Autodesk Student Entertainment Showreel with other 2010 awards including Animator of the Year, Highest Honors in Animation, and Intellectual Engagement. His video short "Mime Fight!" won the Best Animation award at AIME in 2010. ... View Profile