Peter H. Hansen


Director of International and Global Studies

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 107

Phone: 508-831-5481

Peter H. Hansen is Professor of History and Director of International and Global Studies at WPI. In this role, his administrative responsibilities include enhancing the curricular and academic components of WPI’s global projects, exploring new partnerships, and advising students in global programs. International and Global Studies brings together faculty from history, foreign languages, humanities, social sciences, business, and interdisciplinary studies. Courses on campus enrich the experience of students before, during, and after their international educational experiences. ... View Profile

W.A. Bland Addison

Associate Professor

Co-Director, Morocco Project Center

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 238

Phone: 508-831-5190

I believe it is important for American students to understand the philosophical and intellectual foundations of their way of viewing the world and how those cultural perspectives are different from other peoples of the world. Therefore, I teach a variety of courses about Western and non-Western civilizations: Introduction to European Cultural History (HI1322), Topics in the Western Intellectual Tradition (HI3323), and Topics in Comparative Civilizations (HI3342). ... View Profile

Ulrike Brisson

Associate Teaching Professor of German

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 333

Phone: 508-831-5742

Coming from a family with a long teaching tradition going back at least to her great-grandfather, teaching has always been fundamental to Professor Brisson’s well-being. Being a German professor at WPI in particular has been a great privilege because the students are motivated, hardworking, and eager to learn. She feels that teaching German language and culture is particularly important at an engineering school with a strong focus on environmental technology and sustainability for a number of reasons. ... View Profile

Fabio Carrera

Associate Teaching Professor

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center

Phone: 508-831-6059

Fabio is the director of the Venice and Santa Fe Project Centers, as well as the founder and director of City Lab, an interdisciplinary research laboratory dedicated to Urban Technology and Information Systems. In addition to a number of scientific papers, his work has been repeatedly featured in National Geographic magazine (most recently in the August 2009 issue), MIT’s Technology Review magazine, the Smithsonian magazine, Wired, New Scientist and Science. ... View Profile

Daniel DiMassa

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 106

I come to WPI from Philadelphia, where I completed my PhD in German with a dissertation on the reception and appropriation of Dante’s Commedia by German Romantic writers around 1800. The project encompasses my many academic interests, which reside at the intersection of literature, religion, and aesthetics. This particular nexus of fields reflects a motley background that includes international study in Germany, Austria, and Italy, as well as two years in divinity school. ... View Profile

Laureen Elgert

Assistant Professor

Social Science & Policy Studies

Office: Salisbury Laboratories

Phone: 508-831-5452

Laureen's interest in environmental studies grew as she traveled through Southeast Asia and South America, noticing that local resource users' idea of environmentalism often bore little resemblance to familiar interpretations. She has since been particularly interested in the environment-development nexus, examining how politics shapes global environmental policy that can, and often does, have profound impacts on local livelihoods. ... View Profile

Arthur Gerstenfeld

Professor Emeritus

Director, Wall Street Project Ctr.

Foisie Business School

I enjoy teaching because it gives me an opportunity to influence young minds. My main goal is to have them think critically. The WPI projects allow me to work with students who are transitioning from the classroom to a place in society. My research interests include industrial engineering applications, decision analysis, and management applications—most recently focusing on airport security systems. ... View Profile

J. Scott Jiusto

Associate Professor

Director, Cape Town Project Centre

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center, 2nd Fl

Phone: 508-831-5393

My teaching, research, and community engagement is integrated through my participation in WPIs Global Projects Program, where I help students prepare for and conduct projects in places such as London, Venice, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Washington and Worcester. Through the WPI Cape Town Project Centre, especially, I see my work as an exercise in Shared Action Learning (SAL), which I describe to students and others is a way to think about and engage in partnerships for sustainable community development. ... View Profile

Robert Krueger

Associate Professor

Director, Environmental and Sustainability Studies
Co-Director, London Project Center
Director, Worcester Community Project Center

Social Science & Policy Studies

Office: SL 223C

Phone: 508-831-5110

Robert Krueger is the founding director of WPI's Environment and Sustainability Studies Program. He has been a Co-Principal Investigator on two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grants focused on environmental justice issues in Worcester. He serves as co-chair of the EPA’s Environmental Justice Working Group. He is also board president of the Regional Environmental Council. A broad, international audience recognizes Krueger’s scholarship on urban sustainability. He has published dozens of papers in prestigious internationally peer-reviewed journals. ... View Profile

Aarti Smith Madan

Assistant Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 003

Phone: 508-831-6587

Aarti Smith Madan is an Assistant Professor of Spanish & International Studies in the Department of Humanities and Arts at WPI. Her research centers on the ways spatial practices inform the production and consumption of literature, film, and art in Latin America. In her first book, Lines of Geography in Latin American Narrative: National Territory, National Literature (under contract, Palgrave Macmillan), Professor Madan unearths the literary roots of the discipline of geography in nineteenth-century Latin America. ... View Profile

Ingrid E. Matos-Nin

Assoc. Teaching Prof.

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 05

Phone: 508-831-5356

R. Creighton Peet

Assoc. Teaching Professor

Director, Namibia Project Center
Director, Hong Kong Project Center
Project Coordinator

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Salisbury Labs 331

Phone: 508-831-6730

After spending many years working in international development and humanitarian assistance, as well as in international social and environmental education, and anthropological field research, Creighton Peet joined WPI in 2000 as part of its Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division. He loves teaching at WPI and sharing what he has learned over the years through its project-based curriculum; this style of teaching is a way of learning for him, directly and indirectly, and it satisfies his own research interests in the sustainable management of natural resources, especially water. ... View Profile

Michael J. Radzicki

Associate Professor

Social Science & Policy Studies

Office: Salisbury Labs 310C

Phone: 508-831-5767, 508-831-5296

Professor Radzicki is an economist, creator of WPI’s program in system dynamics, and co-creator of WPI’s program in trading and investment system development. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Notre Dame and his training in system dynamics computer simulation modeling from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition, he is a certified Rapid-I Predictive Analytics Analyst. Professor Radzicki’s research focuses on predictive analytics, simulation science, and the application of techniques from these areas to problems in economics, finance, and management. ... View Profile

Kent J. Rissmiller

Dean of IGSD, ad interim

Dean ad interim, Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division
Director, Washington Project Center

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center

Phone: 508-831-5019

Kent Rissmiller completed studies in political science at Muhlenberg College (AB) and Syracuse University (PhD). Along the way, he also completed a JD at the University of New Hampshire Law School, where he worked in the Energy Law Institute. Professor Rissmiller also worked for three years as an attorney for the Public Service Commission of Nevada, where he was involved in setting rates and policies for electric and water utilities.At WPI, Professor Rissmiller teaches government, law, and public policy. He also directs the Pre-Law program and oversees the Law and Technology minor. ... View Profile

Angel A. Rivera

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 016

Phone: 508-831-5779

Professor Rivera has been conducting research on 19th- and 20th-century Spanish Caribbean literature and theories related to the exploration of limits or borders (i.e., the edges or places where multiple cultures touch or come into contact). He has been exploring how Caribbean traditional modes of representation have been restructured to significant changes in cultural, literary, and historical contexts. ... View Profile

Thomas B. Robertson

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 234

Phone: 508-831-5871

(ON LEAVE 2016-2017 US Agency for International Development). I specialize in environmental history, international development, 20th-century America, and the Himalayas. I am particularly interested in American relations with the developing world. My first book, The Malthusian Moment, focuses on post-World War II American debates about population growth, both at home and globally. My current research examines the environmental history of U.S. ... View Profile

Jennifer Rudolph

Associate Professor

Humanities & Arts

Office: Salisbury Labs 408B

Phone: 508-831-6739

Jennifer Rudolph's main area of research is modern Chinese political history.  While her first book dissects institutional change in late imperial China, in her second, she explores identity politics in the Taiwan Strait. In it, Rudolph explores co-optations of a 17th-century pirate-merchant Zheng Chenggong. Through the centuries, Zheng has lived on, with regimes ruling, or desirous of ruling, Taiwan portraying him as a traitor, Confucian god, Chinese nationalist, Japanese nationalist, and the Moses of Taiwan. ... View Profile

Khalid Saeed


Director System Dynamics Program
Director System Dynamics and Innovation Management Program

Social Science & Policy Studies

Office: Salisbury Labs 312-D

Phone: 508-831-5296, 508-831-5563

Khalid Saeed is professor of economics and system dynamics. ... View Profile

Ingrid K. Shockey

Associate Teaching Professor

Director, India Project Center at the Indian Institute of Technology-Mandi
Co-director, New Zealand Project Center

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center, 209

Phone: 508-831-6635

Ingrid Shockey is an environmental sociologist whose work focuses on natural literacy and the interplay of human-wilderness boundaries--an interest sparked by a summer job she once held at Yellowstone National Park. From there, her research concerns have grown to include the extent to which people rely on substitutions for authentic experiences in the wild. This includes tracking diminishing environmental literacy and documenting dynamics in how knowledge and perception of nature determine the depth of our engagement with the environment. ... View Profile

Patricia A. Stapleton

Assistant Professor

Director of the Society, Technology, and Policy Program

Social Science & Policy Studies

Office: Salisbury Laboratories, 223B

Professor Stapleton’s research focuses on food regulation, particularly the role of technology in food safety and security. Her interest in agricultural biotechnology regulation and the differences between the American and European approaches to risk assessment and management for genetically modified organisms were the foundation of her doctoral research. She has continued this work on agricultural biotechnology regulation in the European Union, as well as expanded her focus to include how biotechnology regulatory frameworks impact food production and trade. ... View Profile

Seth Tuler

Associate Teaching Professor

Co-Director, Bangkok Project Center
Co-Director, Boston Project Center

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center 211A

Phone: 508-831-6444

Seth has been part of the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division since 2002, as teacher, advisor, and co-director of project centers. He is the co-Director of the Bangkok Project Center and co-Director of the Boston Project Center, where he enjoys exposing students to contemporary problems in environmental and public health policy making and challenging them to apply insights emerging from research to practical applications. ... View Profile

Richard F. Vaz

Director, Center for PBL

Director, Center for Project-Based Learning
Director, Bangkok Project Center

Interdisciplinary & Global Studies

Office: Project Center, 2nd Fl

Phone: 508-831-5344

As Director of WPI’s Center for Project-Based Learning, I work with colleagues across campus to help advance project-based learning at colleges and universities around the nation and the globe. We also support project-based learning here on the WPI campus. Most of my scholarly and professional activity centers around experiential and international education. Through my involvement in organizations such as the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the American Society for Engineering Education, I work to promote WPI’s approach to undergraduate education as a national model. ... View Profile