global map with D-Term project centers noted with small circles

WPI’s D-Term is one of the busiest for students traveling to project centers, with more than 420 students set to travel in this term. And while WPI students may choose from many Global Projects Program options including an Interactive Qualifying Project, a Major Qualifying Project, or a Humanities & Arts project, they are also able to participate in an exchange program. Exchange students travel for a full semester (instead of a term) to take courses in a different country.

On the Konstanz Exchange with the Hochschule Konstanz University of Applied Sciences, for example, WPI students have the opportunity to take classes side by side with German students and can complete their HUA requirement or German minor while on the program, depending on the courses they select. "WPI has dozens of project centers around the world, but this is one of the very few where students can spend a full semester immersed in another language and gaining fluency,” says Dan DiMassa, associate professor of Humanities & Arts and Konstanz Faculty Exchange Program Director and Berlin Project Center Co-Director. “It doesn't hurt that it's in one of the most beautiful corners of Europe." 

In addition to the Konstanz Exchange program, students will participate in IQPs at WPI’s newest project center in Cádiz, Spain for the first time. Other students are working on Interactive Qualifying Projects in

Asunción, Paraguay with advisor Lina Muñoz Marquez (Humanities & Arts [HUA])

Berlin, Germany with advisors Katherine Foo (Department of Integrative and Global Studies [DIGS]) and Ivan Mardilovich (Chemistry/BioChemistry)

Bucharest, Romania with advisors Lorraine Higgins (DIGS) and Yury Bosin (Adjunct)

Cádiz, Spain with advisors Svetlana Nikitina (HUA) and Kira Kovnat (Adjunct)

Copenhagen, Denmark with advisors Bob Hersh (DIGS) and Ingrid Shockey (DIGS)

Cuenca, Ecuador with advisors William San Martin (DIGS) and Sarah Strauss (DIGS)

Farm Stay Project Center (Massachusetts) with advisor Lisa Stoddard (DIGS)

Lausanne, Switzerland with advisors Chris Brown (Mechanical & Materials Engineering) and Laura Roberts (DIGS)

London, England with advisors Dominic Golding (DIGS) and Bruce Bursten (Chemistry/BioChemistry)

Mandi, India with advisors Alex Sphar (DIGS) and Uma Kumar (Chemistry/BioChemistry)

Melbourne, Australia with advisors Beth Eddy (Adjunct) and Steve McCauley (DIGS)

Rabat, Morocco with advisors Michele Femc-Bagwell (Adjunct) and Mallory Bagwell (Adjunct)

San Juan, Puerto Rico with advisors Scott Jiusto (Adjunct) and Grant Burrier (DIGS)

Singapore with advisor Jennifer Rudolph (HUA)

Taipei, Taiwan with advisors Wen-Hua Du (HUA) and Bob Kinicki (Adjunct)

Thessaloniki, Greece with advisors Melissa Butler (DIGS) and Mike Butler (Adjunct)

Venice, Italy with advisors Rick Vaz (Adjunct) and Chrys Demetry (Provost/Eng)

Water Resource Outreach Center (Massachusetts) with advisor Paul Mathisen (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Windhoek, Namibia with advisors Tsitsi Masvawure (DIGS) and Alejandro Manga (Adjunct)

Worcester Community Project Center (Massachusetts) with advisor Courtney Kurlanska (DIGS)

Worcester, England with advisors Fred Looft (Adjunct) and Linda Looft (Adjunct)

Yerevan, Armenia with advisor Karen Oates (Biology & Biotechnology)