Major in Architectural Engineering

What is architectural engineering (AREN)?

What do the buildings pictured here have in common? They were designed and engineered by different professionals. While architects design buildings for meeting occupants’ spatial, use and aesthetic needs, architectural engineers make sure that these buildings are structurally sound, provide constant environmental comfort to occupants in winter and summer, power their lights, computers and machines, and, lastly, provide a safe escape in case of fire.

Architectural engineers differ from civil engineers. While both share a common knowledge of structures, civil engineers tend to apply this knowledge to bridges, roads, damns and water reservoirs. Architectural engineers are interested in buildings, but their education goes beyond structural systems by including the engineering of other building parts such as mechanical (HVAC), electrical and fire safety systems. In addition, because architectural engineers work closely with architects in their education they develop a good knowledge of architectural design and drawings as well the appreciation of the history of our architectural heritage. Similarly to architects, architectural engineers, after earning an accredited degree, become registered professionals with required work experience and state licensing examinations. Professional architectural engineers have a high standing in our society.


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