Develop your creative practice and personal voice as an artist in IMGD. The Master of Fine Arts program offers a terminal degree through WPI’s renowned IMGD program where our academic approach, resources, and connections will refine your artistic practice and innovate using new creative technologies with WPI’s new MFA in IMGD.

This art- and studio-based master’s program gives students space, time, and resources to develop their creative practice. As a terminal degree, this three-year MFA program helps to become independent artists and establish their creative voice. Integrated into the degree are career-development opportunities including training in teaching methods and networking with industry and academic leaders through a regular colloquium.

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Professionals who hold an MFA in IMGD have a focus that’s expanded above game design MFA concepts and are prepared for tenure-track academic roles, teaching positions, and also for careers the wide variety of industries that rely upon professional design sensibilities including corporate and cultural organizations, experience-based product corporations, or full-body immersive game experiences. WPI is an institutional partner with the Worcester Art Museum and the Worcester Center for Crafts and has extensive connections with established industry organizations and startups.

Global industries and economies rely on professional design sensibilities. WPI’s new MFA in IMGD is focused on filling that industry need and preparing students for myriad design opportunities and careers.

WPI faculty and students make Ukrainian eggs called pysanky.

MFA Admissions Guidelines

MFA applicants are expected to have a portfolio of creative work for the admissions committee to assess. If, like many artists and designers, you already have a portfolio of work on the web, fantastic! Send us a link. We also encourage applicants to highlight important work to the admissions committee in their artist/designer/writer statement.

Artist/designer/writer statements are required of all MFA applicants in addition to a personal statement. For MFA applicants, the personal statement should focus on their past career, their career goals, why the applicant wants to come to WPI, and any important parts of their personal history they would like to highlight. The artist/designer/writer statement should simply highlight what your work is, why you make it, and how you make it.

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