Technical Art

Artistic vision and technical mastery… do you want to do it all? These are the prerequisite skills to be a technical artist— the hero with the utility belt. With job titles ranging from Technical Art Director, Riggers, CharacterFX Artists, and Render Wranglers, technical artists are skilled problem solvers armed with art prowess, scripting abilities, and a dogged fanaticism believing that even if they just invented it, it can be done better.

This program is perfect for people who want to mix their creativity and technical prowess: artists who think more like da Vinci than Michelangelo, or programmers who are computationally creative and look at technology not as an idealistic pursuit but as an enabling of the pursuit of amazing ideas.

As the interaction between technology and people grows, from UI developer to Animation Engineer, the list of job entries keeps growing, you just need to decide what type of tech artist you are!

Tracking Sheets

IMGD Major (Bachelor of Arts)

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Any questions? Reach out to our IMGD Technical Art faculty representative!

Farley Chery
Associate Professor of Teaching, Interactive Media & Game Development

Phone: +1 (508) 8316718

Farley Chery specializes in simplifying artistic and technical concepts. Having a multidisciplinary background, he works with students in his specialized area of Technical art and other areas of experimentation like storytelling, and experimental game mechanics. Systems he created have been used in multiple games and films and are a core component of Epic games character pipeline and the basis for ART tools. His courses fuse representation, world-building, and character design; preparing students to be highly productive production artists.Before joining WPI he designed studio experiences for ...

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