Carol Lee Stimmel

The Global School
Assistant Teaching Professor

Dr. Stimmel is an adjunct lecturer in The Global School at WPI. She holds a master's in International Development and an interdisciplinary doctorate in Technology and Social Change from Clark University. Since 1999, she has been published across professional, scholarly, popular, and syndicated research markets, with special expertise in critical infrastructure, smart cities, and social change theory and applications.
With a rich and varied career as practitioner, executive leader, and policy advisor, Dr. Stimmel teaches from a background in technology innovation, collaboration in academic-government-industry consortiums, big data analytics, data forensics, privacy and cybersecurity, behavior-change interventions, algorithmic mediation in social networks, and the design and development of equitable advanced technologies. As an instructor at WPI, her primary motivator is to work with students who desire to engage technology in the ethical service of the human experience and the planet through innovation, policy, and applied research.

Dr. Stimmel is the author of 4 books, including two standard industry texts, Big Data Analytics Strategies for the Smart Grid and Building Smart Cities: Analytics, ICT, and Design Thinking, she holds social media and energy technology patents, publishes long-form opinion pieces, and makes continuing contributions through a variety of written and spoken formats.


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