Andrew B Palumbo

Vice President, Enrollment Management
Department : Enrollment Management

I’m originally from Sutton, MA, and lived in Central Massachusetts until leaving to attend Union College where I earned a BA in History. After testing the waters in private industry, I returned to my alma mater as an admissions professional before going on to lead admissions teams at three other colleges and universities in the Northeast. I joined WPI in 2015 and have the pleasure of working with both the admissions and student aid & financial literacy teams. My father is a WPI alumnus, and I have always loved this school and the Worcester area. Far and away, my favorite part of working at WPI is getting to know and work with our students. The unique nature of the academic experience and the visionary implementation of the WPI Plan—almost a half-century ago—truly sets our students apart. I am fascinated by the depth, breadth, and creativity of our students as they tackle their GPS, IQP, MQP, and other projects during their time at WPI. It’s no surprise that, upon graduation, our alumni are prepared to design the career paths and lives that they choose.