Olin Hall 128
+1 (508) 8315000 x5490

Richard S. Quimby

Associate Professor
BS Clarkson College 1975
PhD Univ. Wisconsin 1979

Professor Quimby teaches courses and engages in research in the area of photonics, specializing in lasers, fiber optics, and the optical properties of materials. He particularly enjoys developing and teaching interdisciplinary courses that are relevant and interesting to both science and engineering students. Examples of courses he has developed at WPI include PH2501 Photonics, PH2502 Lasers, and PH2601 Photonics Laboratory. Professor Quimby also oversaw the renovation and equipping of Olin 205 as it was transformed into the IPG Photonics Laboratory, and currently serves as director of the laboratory. This lab supports not only the Photonics laboratory course but also many student projects, both graduate and undergraduate. Professor Quimby enjoys working in the lab with students, because it is, as he says, "light work."

Scholarly Work

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R.S. Quimby and W.J. Miniscalco, Appl. Opt. 28, 14 (1989), "Continuous-wave lasing on a self-terminating transition"