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Welcome to WPI’s Policy Library!

WPI’s policies protect the integrity of our mission, reputation and operations; promote compliance with laws and regulations; and support the management of institutional risks.

This site contains an index of current WPI Policies. For any questions regarding the policies listed on this page, please contact the responsible department identified beside the policy.

Policies on this site are authoritative. Any prior versions are superseded by the policies identified on this site.

Policy Name Responsible Department
Academic Integrity Office of the Provost
Academic Policies and Procedures Registrar
Academic Standing Policy Registrar
Acceptable Use Policy Information Technology Services
Access to User Electronic Information Policy Information Technology Services
Administrative Data Backup and Restoration Policy Information Technology Services
Alcohol Services at Student Functions Policy Student Activities
Animals on Campus Policy Office of Accessibility Services
Anti-Hazing Policy Dean of Students
Archives Policies George C. Gordon Library
Background Check Policy Division of Talent & Inclusion
Business Expense Policy Finance & Operations
Card Access Policy WPI Police
Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Finance & Operations
Computer Systems Purchasing Policy Information Technology Services
Confidentiality Policy Information Technology Services
Copyright Compliance Policy General Counsel
Copyright Policy General Counsel
Credit Conversion Policy Registrar
Data Classification and Usage Policy Information Technology Services
Digital Accessibility Policy Marketing Communications
Email Systems and Usage Policy Information Technology Services
Email Whitelisting Policy Information Technology Services
Emergency Preparedness Emergency Management
Employee Benefits and Policies Manual Division of Talent & Inclusion
Employer Policies Career Development Center
Enrollment Deposit Policy Financial Aid
Events Office Policies Events Office
Events Support Policy Dean of Students
External Speaker Policy Events Office
Faculty/Exempt Staff Conflict of Interest Policy Research Integrity and Compliance
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) Registrar
Fleet Safety Policy Environmental Health & Safety
Global Privacy Notice General Counsel
Grade Appeal and Grade Change Policy Registrar
Grade System Policy Registrar
Graduate Student Policies Graduate & Professional Studies
Graham-Leach-Bliley Policy Information Technology Services
Health Services Privacy Practices Health Services
Identity Theft Red Flag Prevention Policy Information Technology Services
Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Controlled Substances & Associated Resources Dean of Students
Illness Policy Health Services
Immunization Compliance Health Services
Indemnification Policy General Counsel
Information Technology Security Exception Policy Information Technology Services
Institutional Finanacial Aid Retention Policy Financial Aid
Intellectual Property Policy Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Interim Policy Prohibiting Entering Confidential Information into Generative AI Information Technology Services
International Travel Registration Policy Integrative & Global Studies
International Travel Risk Policy The Global School
Legal and Trademark Notices General Counsel
Library Policies George C. Gordon Library
Mailing List Policy Information Technology Services
Network Security Policy Information Technology Services
Notice of Non-Discrimination Division of Talent & Inclusion
Notice of Privacy Practices Health Services
Office Policies Career Development Center
Participant Code of Conduct & Policies Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs
Participation of Minors in WPI Programs Policy General Counsel
Patch Management Policy Information Technology Services
Patriot Act Policies General Counsel
PCI Policy Information Technology Services
Policy on Faculty Conduct WPI Faculty Governance
Policy on Informational Flyers and Posters Facilities Office
Policy on Management of Traumatic Brain Injury Health Services
Policy on Research Conduct WPI Faculty Governance
Policy Regarding Prescribing Medicines for ADD/ADHD Health Services
Procurement Evaluation Policy for Restricted Use Software and Service Providers Information Technology Services
Professional Services Policy Finance & Operations
Project Grading Policy Registrar
Records Retention and Destruction Policy Information Technology Services
Remote and Flexible Work Policy Division of Talent & Inclusion
Restricted Use Data Clean Desk and Clear Screen Policy Information Technology Services
Restricted Use Data Policy for Third Party Service Providers Information Technology Services
Safety Policy on Age Appropriate Activities for Minors Environmental Health & Safety
Security Camera Policy Information Technology Services
Self-Reported/Unofficial Test Score Policy Admissions & Aid
Signature Authority Policy Finance & Operations, General Counsel
Student Accessibility Policy Office of Accessibility Services
Student Code of Conduct Dean of Students
Student Loan Principles Finance & Operations
Suppliers Procurement
Test Optional Policy Admissions & Aid
Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Interim Policy Equal Opportunity & Outreach
Tobacco-Free Campus/No Smoking Policy Division of Talent & Inclusion
Towing and Booting Policy WPI Police
Travel Expense Policy & Guidelines Finance & Operations
Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“Drone”) Policy Environmental Health & Safety
USA Patriot Act Policies General Counsel
Use of Worcester Polytechnic Institute & WPI Name and Insignias Marketing Communications
Vehicle Registration and Permits WPI Police
Withdrawal and Refund Policy Bursar's Office (Student Accounts)
Withdrawal or Leave of Absence Policy Registrar
WPI-Managed Cellular Device Purchasing Policy Finance & Operations