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For a deeper dive into all research happening at WPI, please visit our department pages.

Department Department Research Page
Aerospace Engineering Research
Biology & Biotechnology Research
Biomedical Engineering Research
Business Research
Business Center for Innovative Manufacturing Solutions
Chemical Engineering Research
Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Research
Chemical Engineering Facilities & Labs
Chemical Engineering Machine Shop
Chemistry & Biochemistry Research & Resources
Chemistry & Biochemistry Facilities
Civil, Environmental, &Architectural Engineering Research
Computer Science Research
Electrical & Computer Engineering Research
Electrical & Computer Engineering Cybersecurity and Privacy
Electrical & Computer Engineering Healthcare and Quality of Life
Electrical & Computer Engineering Machine Learning
Fire Protection Engineering Research
Fire Protection Engineering Facilities
Fire Protection Engineering Research Areas
Fire Protection Engineering Fire and Materials
Fire Protection Engineering  Pyrolysis Properties for Fire Modeling
Fire Protection Engineering Combustion and Explosion Protection
Fire Protection Engineering Building and Fire Systems
Fire Protection Engineering Firefighter Safety and Policy
Fire Protection Engineering Human Behavior and Egress in Fires
Fire Protection Engineering Horizontal Evacuation in Healthcare Facilities
Fire Protection Engineering Social and Cultural Influences on Building Evacuation During Fire
Fire Protection Engineering Fire Impacts on Buildings, Infrastructure and Environment
Fire Protection Engineering 2016 Post-Earthquake Fire Performance of a 6-Story Cold Formed Steel Building
Fire Protection Engineering Earthquake and Post-Earthquake Fire Performance of Buildings
Fire Protection Engineering Quantification of Green Building Features on Firefighter Safety
Fire Protection Engineering Rail Transportation
Fire Protection Engineering The Environment
Fire Protection Engineering Risk- Informed Performance- Based Design and Regulation
Fire Protection Engineering Building Regulatory Policy
Fire Protection Engineering Performance-Based Design
Humanities & Arts Research
Integrative & Global Studies Research
Mathematical Sciences Research
Mathematical Sciences The Mathematics of Material Failure
Mathematical Sciences The Relationship Between Fractal Geometry & Energy
Mathematical Sciences Penetrating Fog, Lifting the Veil from Algorithms
Mathematical Sciences Breathing New Life into Materials
Mathematical Sciences Exploring Matroid & Graph Theory to Power Algorithms
Mathematical Sciences Grants & Awards
Mathematical Sciences Systems and Theoretical Biology
Mechanical & Materials Engineering Research
Mechanical & Materials Engineering Our Research Expertise
Physics Research
Physics Facilities
Robotics Engineering Research
Robotics Engineering Robotics Labs
Social Science & Policy Studies Faculty Research
Architectural Engineering Research
Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Research
Cybersecurity Research
Data Science Research
Environmental Engineering Research
Interactive Media & Game Development Research
International Development, Environment, and Sustainability Research
Learning Sciences & Technology Research
Learning Sciences & Technology Research Opportunities
Manufacturing Engineering Research
Materials Process Engineering Research
Materials Science & Engineering Research
Professional Writing Research
Psychological & Cognitive Science Research
Systems Engineering Research & Publications