WPI’s MS in Supply Chain Management prepares students for a career in managing the global demands, distributions, and fulfillment of goods and services.

The MS in Supply Chain Management, a STEM designated degree, provides students the skills and hands-on project management techniques necessary to design and manage an effective supply chain. As a global economy offers more opportunities for goods and services to move across continents on a daily basis, it also increases the challenges of managing the forecasting and flow of products, information, and capital. As each of these factors can impact an organization’s profitability and overall customer satisfaction, professional training in supply chain management becomes an essential part of a company’s leadership team. 

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The MS in Supply Chain Management can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis and includes an intensive analytical curriculum and a distinctive Graduate Qualifying Project (GQP). Core coursework, offered online and on campus, offers a practical foundation in the multidisciplinary factors that influence how a supply chain is managed, analyzed, and designed. You’ll examine how various factors and technologies impact the three flows (material, information, and capital) of a supply chain and will learn the skills needed to manage materials, data sources, marketing tools, and disruption/risk. The GQP offers a supply chain consulting project through an industry partner.

See the Graduate Course Catalog for complete descriptions.

Project Based Learning


Supply Chain Management research at WPI focuses on creating more value for consumers, partners, and organizations by improving the supply chain process and elevating green supply chains. Well-funded research includes projects on blockchain technology, evaluating the national and global 3D printing industry landscape and its impact on supply chains, and developing effective mechanisms for reverse supply chain partners to collaborate and coordinate to exploit the values of returned products such as electronic wastes.

After Graduation

The MS in Supply Chain Management program gives the skills and practical experiences necessary to begin developing a career in the rapidly growing supply chain management field. An excellent and plentiful job market, especially those of international scope, means graduates can begin to take on leadership positions early in their careers including roles as a supply chain technical analyst, commodity manager, director of purchasing, performance improvement senior manager, or director of supply chain operations. Industries in need of supply chain managers include manufacturing, transportation, retail, government, education, and technology.

Getting Involved

Getting Involved

The graduate student community at WPI is active and diverse. The vibrant Graduate Student Government acts as the voice of grad students both on and off campus, and several clubs and organizations appeal specifically to supply chain management students including the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) and the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS).

BS/MS Option

Undergraduate students interested in WPI’s MS in Supply Chain Management may choose to earn an advanced degree in accelerated time with the BS/MS degree option. For more information about the requirements for this MS, contact the Graduate Admission Office of the Foisie Business School. Generally, students submit the online graduate application in their junior year (choose the BS/MS program and then Supply Chain Management on the application) and may talk to an advisor about double counting any credits for the BS and MS in senior year.